A lot of effort has gone into trying to promote the book since last post. Total worldwide sales may be about 20, I'm not sure. I don't know how to find the sales information on Ingramspark's website. Could reading books be a thing of the past? I am eternally grateful to the mostly very kind and enthusiastic reviews received so far, all good bar one. That gives some endorsement to the whole project. Hopefully can move on now to record the musical pieces I have been wanting to record for many, many years. 

5 Copies sold worldwide! Mmmm. How do you make a sale/ get reviews?

Eternally grateful to the 5 people on the planet who have somehow decided to order copies of The Fire Trail in paperback form.  The Fire Trail is in the realm of urban fantasy. Aimed at upper primary/ lower secondary, it is a tale that has also appealed to adults (no reviews however).  Why read The Fire Trail? It is a story of peace. Peace which can be found in nature. Peace as an alternative to war. Sometimes, however, there is simply no option to avoid war.  It is also a story of nature. Nature is wonderful. Essential. Good.  It raises the premise that no animal is inherently bad. Surely every animal must aspire to enjoy life with the least amount of stress. It is unfortunate that sometimes animals appear in places they shouldn't be, usually through the meddling of humans. But, if feral animals caused no harm would it be so bad if they were in the wrong place?  It is 138 pages, but those pass quickly within a few hours.  The Fire Trail is in the realm of urban fantasy.  https://w

Hello Visitor. Welcome To 'Abandoned Land'

Abandoned Land is where life's forgotten dreams, imaginary friends and other such stuff ends up. They don't die. They live on somewhere in time and space. This was the idea for a book. A book which may never be written. Therefore the idea of Abandoned Land, the book, must also reside in Abandoned Land, the blog.  Abandoned Land is where the dreams of animals live on.  Abandoned Land is where my two childhood imaginary friends, Journey & Fludo live on.  The title is also a reference to the colonising British regarding this country of Australia as Terra Nullius. My connection to Australia only goes back to convict and redcoat ancestors who arrived in 1794, became a couple and started a family. I don't have 60000 years of connection to this country. I like this country. I identify with it. Basically love it. We have seen better days, in some ways, but in other ways things are gradually lumbering in the right direction.  My novel for children or anyone who cares to read it,